Thursday, September 26, 2013

Art from the Heart

I typically wait until after a show is already hanging before talking about it on this blog.  I like to be able to look at the work first, but for this post I am going to promote a show that has yet to be hung. HeARTWorks is an exhibition of artwork created by individuals who call the streets of Jackson their home. 

One reason I want to go ahead and promote it is because unlike a normal exhibition that will be up for close to a month, this one will only be open one day.  Another reason is because it is so incredibly important to so many people.  And I'm not talking about the people who put this together; though I'm sure this is important to them and they have hearts of gold.  I'm talking about the people who are struggling day in and day out to find the things that I take for granted... food, shelter, respect.  

How does someone garner respect from being allowed to push paint around? Stacy Underwood, local artist and creator of HeARTWorks told me "Everyone deserves respect and acceptance, and I hope the clients feel that at HeARTWorks.  They have a standing 'appointment' every week where they will be missed if they are not there, and that is oh so important.  I think the most fulfilling aspect of working with the homeless is to see how a simple compliment or a simple word of encouragement can change someone's outlook… art is a wonderful way to instill in someone self-worth, and the belief that 'Yes, you can do it!'  Everyone needs that and yes … I truly do believe that given the opportunity, anyone can create something beautiful and give back to the world something positive."

For the fifth straight year Stacy and Stewpot Community Services has allowed these individuals the opportunity to "give back to the world something positive" with an exhibition and sale of their creations.  It will be held at The Cedars next Thursday, October 3, 2013, from 5-8 pm.  

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