Thursday, August 27, 2009

Another venue

This being the first post of my new blog I wanted to give a statement of my intentions as well as a disclaimer.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional art critic. I am simply commenting on exhibitions and the impact they had on me personally.

That being said, the first show that I visited since deciding to start this blog was at Fischer Galleries,, in Fondren. It was a two person show of paintings by Matthew Puckett of Jackson, and ceramic sculptures by Stacey Johnson,

Matthew Puckett's work has a real psychological quality to them that is anything but comforting. He employs some traditional compositional no-no's, intentionally I'm sure, to create a disturbing sense of solitude. It's no surprise that he pays tribute to Francis Bacon in a triptych in the show. The uncomfortable compositional elements are things such as having an object sitting right on the edge of the painting, or having a figure facing off the side of the painting that it is closest to creating a lack of balance. In the case of "Interior with Columns" the column comes out of the guys head in a most unpleasant fashion. Matthew is also in the 2009 Mississippi Invitational at the Mississippi Museum of Art,, which overall is a very strong show. I got in trouble last time I tried to take pictures in the museum so I won't be showing the invitational here. I highly recommend you checking it out, though. Here are a few images from Matthews show at Fischer...

Interior with Columns

Interior VI

Dinner Party

Interior with Chair

Stacey Johnson's ceramic sculptures on the other hand simply make me happy. She has a great attention to detail, and not to mention that they are just interesting. You could spend hours deciphering the little clues she gives to her ceramic stories. I like what she says in her artist's statement on her website... "These sculptural chapters are work created from a true need to manifest externally what is not completely processed internally." I think that is a good descriptor of the need felt by most artists. Here's some of her work...
Guilty of Something - detail

Guilty of Something

Self Portrait, Summer 2009 - detail