Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dinners a l'art

Back in May I had the privilege of participating in a fundraiser for the Mississippi Museum of Art.  Fellow Jackson artist William Goodman and I collaborated at one of the dinners titled "Dinners a l'art" put on by the Board of Trustees at Gallery 119 in downtown Jackson.  I wrote an article about our experience for Number: an independent arts journal published for the tri-state region of Arkansas, Mississippi, and Tennessee.  On their website you get a pdf of the publication, and you can become a member to support the non-profit Number:inc and receive the journal in print quarterly.  The summer issue, No. 72 has a collaboration theme.  Below you can see the pieces William and I created together.
"Dinner Star"
Mixed Media on handmade paper
"Take out"
Mixed Media on panel

William Goodman and me (Jerrod Partridge)
Courtesy Mississippi Museum of Art

Friday, September 21, 2012

The Inaugural Cedars Juried Art Show

In the Fondren neighborhood of Jackson sits the oldest residential structure in the city.  The Cedars, as it is now called, was built circa 1840, and was almost taken over by multi-residential development but was saved by the Fondren Renaissance Foundation in 2003.  It became a community center and hosts a broad range of events, one of which is an annual series of four art shows.  A new show was created this year and has proven to be one of the most successful exhibitions ever held at the Cedars with attendance to the opening reception estimated at over 500 people.  The show, which was sponsored by Jan and Lawrence Farrington, is called The Cedars Juried Art Show, and it is intended to be an annual event. 
The concept of the new show was to bring in high caliber work from artists around the state of Mississippi.  This not only benefits the residents of Jackson who get to see the work but also benefits people throughout the state by introducing them to this unique neighborhood that has an incredible focus on the arts.  
To set the high standard expected from this exhibition internationally acclaimed Mississippi artist William Dunlap was asked to jury it.  He selected approximately 99 pieces from the 265 that were submitted.  This represented 90 artists from across the state making for a very diverse and unique show.  Dunlap also selected his favorite pieces from the group to receive cash prizes. 
The exhibition only lasts through the end of September so get out there to see it soon.  Gallery hours are Tuesday - Friday 10:00am - 4:00 pm.

Paul Fayard (Fourth place winner)
"Fondren Morning"

Laurilyn Fortner (Third place winner)
"Friday, Saturday, Sunday"
Oil on Canvas
John Gibson (Second place winner)
"Trees No. 3"
pen and ink

Heidi Pitre (First place winner)
"Her flame was about to go out"
Oil on canvas
Robert Crowell
"Warrior II"